The Treasures of Mystery Island 3. The Ghost Ship (Full) App Reviews

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Pretty decent game

Really long…which I prefer…nice graphics, hidden objects are challenging… nice game...

Doesn’t Work

I cannot get the clock to recognize the hands. They are on the clock and I set the time and it still says there are no hands on the clock. I don’t know if Maverick is the problem or if there is just a glitch. Not very happy about this. I guess I will wait until there is an udate to correct this.

good, long play

this game, like its predecessor, is quite good on the ho and intermittent games. story not bad and no wooden characters like the second in this series. still great graphics and fun gameplay. i had no trouble with running this and would recommend it to anyone who likes ho and games.

The app woudln’t work and Customer service has yet to respond

I woudln’t download it. The whole thing hung up right at the point when you have to attached the arms of the grandfather clock even when I purchased it same place. I troubleshooted everything redownloading/reloading adobe/reloading quicktime etc, nothing worked and still they don’t contact me to either refund my money or give me credit…it has put me off this company now.

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